Best Replace Your Workout with Sex!

Did you know that keeping a fit and healthy body doesn’t always mean hitting the gym? No, instead of sweating it out lifting weights, you can burn calories in a much sultrier way and right from the comfort of your bedroom. Sex is a known calorie burner, and some positions can work just the same as spending an hour in the gym.

So, why not turn your daily Replace Your Workout with Sex? 

Learn how to turn sex into your favorite workout and read the :best sex positions that guarantee a fitter and more sexually excited you!

Replace Your Workout with Sex: Standing Splits!

This position will have you work for your pleasure through maintaining balance and keeping the rhythm going. Stand up straight, facing your partner and parting your legs just slightly. The woman keeps one foot on the floor and lifts the other leg to wrap around the man’s waist. If flexibility is not her thing, the man can help hold her lifted leg in place. If necessary, the man can squat down a bit, just to ensure proper penetration and loads of action.

Shoulder Stand!

You don’t have to be a yoga expert to do this effective and calorie-burning position. In it, the woman engages in a shoulder stand, while the man positions himself between her legs. For additional stability, the woman can use her hands to grab onto the man’s hips. Lifting the butt upwards, the woman has her legs supported against the man’s chest while rocking her hips back and forth.

Replace Your Workout with Sex: Crab-Plank!

In this position, the woman lies on her back, with her legs around the man’s waist and her butt lifted in the air. At the same time, the man engages in a missionary plank position. A bit more intense than your regular missionary position, here it is up to both partners to work hard for their pleasure. For an even bigger twist on the position, have the woman rest her legs against your shoulders, while you maintain the plank position firm.

The No-Chair Chair Position!

Instead of using a chair during sex, become the chair! The no-chair chair position requires the man to rest his frame on his feet and palms only, while the woman crouches over him, feet bouncing off the ground. Rhythmic and dynamic, this position will have both partners sexually engaged and active.

Wow, it’s like you can almost hear the calories burning.


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