FAQ - Wakefield Escorts

Q. How to book a date at the Wakefield VIP escort agency? 
Once you choose your favorite escort date at the Wakefield escort page, you can proceed to call us and make a booking request. To conclude the process, you will need to provide some information about you as well. 

Q. Which information will the Wakefield agency need from me? 
For outcalls, the Wakefield agency will ask for your full name, the time and place of your date as well as your number and hotel details. If you made a pre-booking request, please contact the Wakefield agency to confirm the time and date of your meeting. Finally, for home dates, you will need to provide the time and date of your meeting, along with your full name and contact number. 

Q. What happens if I or my date cancel the date? 
If you decide to cancel the date, the thing to do is call the Wakefield agency and let us know of the decision. If your date decides to cancel, you will be offered an adequate replacement and will be informed of the change ahead of time. 

Q. Am I breaking the law by booking an escort date at the Wakefield agency?
No, you are not breaking the law. Wakefield's escorts are all adults and will provide the necessary paperwork to prove it. Also, paying for someone to keep you company is fully legal and won't get you in trouble whatsoever. 

Q. How will I pay for my Wakefield escort date?
There are various payment methods available, but the most traditional one is you paying your date at the hotel of your meeting. As a standard safety measure, our escorts count their money, so please be considerate in such cases. 

Q. What about Wakefield's privacy policy?
When you book an escort date at the Wakefield agency, you are guaranteed full discretion and protection of privacy. The reason we collect your information is to make sure our escort girls are safe, meaning we will never use your information to expose your activities. 

Q. Can I book an extra Wakefield date? 
Our escort agency offers a wide range of services, and booking an extra date is one of them. To see which girl duos would love to keep you company, visit the Wakefield escort page and/or give us a call. 

Q. Is there anything important to know about my date? 
Regardless of your type of date, you will need to meet your date at the hotel of your choice and make the payment there. From there on, you can proceed with your date as per planned. Also, it is good to know that all escort prices are fixed, and you cannot negotiate the price with your date.