6 Ways to Improve Your Seduction Game!

Mastering the game of seduction is not as complicated as you may think. At the same time, knowing how to seduce a woman effortlessly is highly appreciated among the ladies. Being good and swiping your date off her feet is all about learning how to tease and flirt properly. Body language is a huge help in showing arousal to your date discreetly and it works every time.

It doesn’t matter if you are dating your long-term partner or booking an escort date for the weekend, improving your seduction skills is always a plus.

And, if you care to learn a trick or two, here are 6 tips to make it all work!1. Be Spontaneous

All women dream of an adventurous date, so why not give her one? Spontaneous dates are kind of the perfect deal, and even if you book an escort, you can still keep the activities a secret. A posh dinner for two? A day at the spa or by the pool? Keep your creative side going and your date will fall for you every time.

Eye Contact

Prolonged eye contact is an effective method to keep your date’s attention and show her that you are interested. Truth be told, the eyes hold the secrets to your desires. By holding your date’s stare for a few seconds longer, things will start falling into place!

Choose Your ‘Movie’ Move

It doesn’t take much to make a movie moment happen to your date. A freshly picked rose, a kiss in the rain, a night to remember under the stars…you get the gist. Romance is tightly connected to seduction, so before you ignite the fire in your date, be sure to make her feel appreciated.

Body Contact

The closer you are to your date, physically, the more arousing tension you create. Going for a kiss but stop midway, or lift her fallen dress strand and play with her hair. I mean, do every intimate thing that screams attraction and chemistry, and wait for her to pick up the pace.

Extra Care

When you get to bed, don’t rush yourself into action. Take things slowly. It will drive your date insane and make her wait for pleasure while enjoying every stimulation you provide. Undressing could be one of the sexiest things you can do for your date, along with a sensual massage and showering together.

The Tell and Ask

It is crucial you ask your date about herself, and it is also great to promise her something good and hot in advance. Just like sexting, but in real life, come up with a flirty phrase and if you don’t feel comfortable saying it, send a text while getting drinks at the bar.

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