5 Tips on Spending the Perfect Escort Date!

What does it take to orchestrate your ideal escort date? Aside from making an official booking, when booking an escort, you should also consider a variety of other factors. Such can include looks, brains, dating techniques, dating specialties, date location as well as its course.

Nevertheless, booking an escort must be one of the most fulfilling ways to date casually and still get all perks that come with it. Ready for your next great escort date? Here are 10 key tips to make sure your experience is everything you wanted it to be!

Pick a Girl that Rings the Bell!

The enjoyment of your escort date largely mostly boils down to choosing the perfect date for you. Yes, all escorts are beautiful in their own way and will make you feel good in different ways. So, the question really is, what are you looking for out of your date? While some escorts seem more fitting for a dinner date, others are perfect for a wild night in a hotel room.

Do a Workout Ahead of Your Date!

A great way to gear up for your escort date is to put in the physical work. If you are expecting a raunchy night between the sheets, exercising or meditating before your date will give you endurance and stamina to keep the fun going. Next stop, the shower.

Dress the Part!

An escort date will always appreciate a client who puts in the effort in his looks ahead of the date. If you are especially thinking of a sexier scenario, some grooming is more than welcome. Grooming can include everything from shaving, to putting on your best underwear and your date-special outfit. When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good, your escort will feel just as good in your company.

Focus on Foreplay!

Finally, you and your escort get to enjoy some post-dinner fun at your hotel. Before the sex happens, however, you need to think about your foreplay moves. Escorts are quite adjustable and reciprocate the pleasure you give, so make sure you got all techniques and sultry foreplay moves in one place.  

Bring Along the Bare Necessities!

Some of the items you will need for your hot escort date include protection, a spare of undies and a toothbrush (if staying the night!). In addition to protection and hygiene, you should also be prepared for the sexier side of your date and have a few essentials with you, such as lubricant, sex toys, and/or even role-play costumes. 

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