5 Things to Never Ask a Wakefield Escort!

The Wakefield VIP entertains local and visiting clients with some of the best escort dates around and the most stellar services to use for them. Meeting an exclusive escort in Wakefield is a unique experience and as such; fine manners on behalf of the client are due.

That said, there are some things that Wakefield VIP escorts will simply not talk about in front of their clients nor want to be asked in the first place. To ensure you are asking all the right questions and are not crossing a line; Here’s what to refrain from asking your escort.

Her Real Name

Knowing your Wakefield escort’s real name won’t do much to change or improve the service you booked; So there’s no real need to ask your date about it. Wakefield escorts will never reveal her true identity to a client as they are highly protective of their privacy and want to make sure their personal lives are not interfering with their professional ventures.

Your Family

Whilst sharing parts of your life with a Wakefield escort is acceptable; getting into too much detail about you and your family will hurt the goal of your date. If you have booked a Wakefield escort to have some fun; the last thing you want to do is talk about your spouse and ruin the chemistry between you two. Of course, you can always open up to your Wakefield escort but all we are saying is; don’t let it the only thing you’ll discuss.

Past Clients

Another thing to never ask your Wakefield escort is her past clients and experiences. As a generalization, talking about past clients is fine; but making comparisons or wanting to know more about your escort’s experiences will simply result in no answer. An escort’s job is to protect all of her client’s discretion; so don’t expect her to kiss and tell just because you asked.


Wakefield escorts already have their ages mentioned in their inline portfolios; so asking your escort about her age sounds kind of redundant. Unless you are looking for a specific age; such as a cougar or a mature escort, any other age talk is simply unnecessary to have.


Finally, it is never a good idea for a client to ask his Wakefield escort about how much money she is earning. All forms of money talk can make your escort feel uncomfortable; So avoid pushing for discounts, Trying to add another service for free or be nosy about how many clients your escort is seeing and how much she’s earning from it.